A documentary about Puppy Doe. Are animal abuse laws strong enough in the United States?


Puppy Doe was a heathy dog that was listed on Craigslist as “free to a good home”. Four months later she was found near death on the streets of Quincy, MA by Good Samaritans. This documentary explores the tragic story of a young pit bull dog who was shuffled from home to home via Craigslist and ended up in the hands of a monster. While the number of animals that are abused after being posted on Craigslist is on the rise, the company has not changed their pet rehoming guidelines. Whose responsibility is it to keep these animals safe? The film also explores animal welfare laws as her accused torturer awaits trial on sadistic animal cruelty charges. 

Animal rights advocates everywhere demand that justice be brought against the perpetrator of this heinous crime described by many as the worst case of animal abuse the city of Boston has ever seen. As the eyes of an ever-growing community are watching and demanding change, is it time that tolerance for violent crimes against animals comes to an end?

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